February 5, 2002

No chance of sleeping in at a Sleep Clinic. The staff woke me up at 6:30 AM, took off all the electrodes, and hustled me into the shower. All the participants in the sleep clinic program including me had to be scrubbed and dressed by 7:00 AM so we could have our meeting with Bighead before his 8:00 AM patients arrived. Taking off the electrodes was quite a different experience from having them put on. Since the electrodes are kept in place with approximately 2″ x 2″ pieces of tape, you can imagine what happens when they get pulled off your skin. My skin is so thin that in places my skin actually came off with the tape.

My appointment with Bighead this morning was not as stressful as the appointment yesterday. Maybe he is not operating on full power that early in the morning. Bighead told me that I had had a few episodes of sleep apnea during the night. He also told me that they had documented the jolts that wake me at night. I was happy to hear this; finally some proof that this actually happens to me. Bighead told me that he wanted to go over my charts from the night before in more detail and that I would need to spend another night at the sleep clinic. He asked me if I was on a potassium supplement since I had told him I was now taking Lasix. I said no. He answered with, “I cannot believe that any medical doctor would put you on Lasix without a potassium supplement.” My answer to that was, “Why don’t you give Squirt a call and ask him.” Needless to say Bighead did not call Squirt. Bighead did inform me of the need to get my potassium checked as soon as I got home.

By 8:00 AM. I was back at the hotel.  After breakfast I could not sleep so took a cab to a bookstore to stock up on some reading material. I bought the book, “Every Breath You Take” by Ann Rule and spent the rest of the day reading.  Late afternoon I did manage to get some sleep. After a late supper I took a cab back to the sleep clinic arriving at 10:15 PM

Again I went through the whole hook up procedure plus they added a new feature, a CPAP machine. It took me a while to get use to the mask. I finally managed to fall asleep. I had several episodes of being jolted awake during the night. Wonder what results Bighead will have for me tomorrow?

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