February 4, 2002

Morning came much too early today. We were up at 5:30 AM and left for the airport in the city at 6:30 AM. Today is the day I flew to the city in the east to spend two nights at the Sleep Clinic. Certainly not the location I would have picked for my winter holiday! I got to the airport at 7:30 AM, checked in and got through security without problems. My poor cane got a going over. Guess you cannot be too careful these days. My flight left at 8:55 AM and took an hour. The sky was mainly overcast but did manage to see some of the wildness areas beneath us. What beautiful country even from the air. The plane landed at 11:10 AM; ten minutes late. (There is an hour time difference).

My first appointment at the Sleep Clinic was at 11:30 AM. I arrived late. However, I did not have to wait to see the doctor. My first consultation with this man was actually quite hilarious. If I don’t say it was hilarious I would have to say it was one of the most insulting consultations I have had to date. He addressed me as Mrs. which is fine. Oh yes from now on I will refer to this doctor at the Sleep Clinic as Bighead. Your imaginations can fill in the rest. Bighead asked me if I could tell him in my own words why I had wanted to come to the sleep clinic. I told Bighead that I really had not wanted to come; that this was Squirt’s idea. Bighead then asked sarcastically, “Well then in your own words, Mrs.—-, could you tell me why Squirt wanted you to come to the sleep clinic. I told him that Squirt had told me at my last appointment that he, Squirt, was confident that I would be diagnosed with sleep apnea and then all my problems would be solved. Wrong answer! Bighead sat even straighter. The skin on his scalp actually stretched a bit tighter. He informed me that no medical doctor would say such a thing. He then said, Mrs.—–, would you like me to pick up the phone and call Squirt and ask him if he really said that?” I answered with, “By all means give him a call!” Anyone get the feeling that I was back in Kindergarten and not at a sleep clinic? What happened next actually shocked me. I was so angry I burst into tears! Talk about embarrassed! Never before have I burst into tears in a doctors office. I swore never to give doctors the benefit of seeing me emotionally distraught. I looked at Bighead and said, “This is one of those times in my life when I am so angry that I will never forget what transpired during this appointment” Bighead has no idea how close I came to walking back out that door and taking the next flight home. I may have a poor quality of life but I am not on this earth to be the butt of doctors’ insults.

I guess that Bighead decided that he had insulted me enough for one day and began to ask me about my symptoms. He examined me and then told me that he felt that I had other problems besides sleep apnea. I guess I have to give this arrogant man credit for that. Bghead told me that he felt that I might have an adrenal problem. Upon hearing that, I nearly fell off of the examining table. I decided that this man might just know what he was doing and that I would have to shut up and put up with his arrogance and insults.

Since I was scheduled to arrive at the Sleep Clinic at 10:30 that evening, I went to the hotel and read for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I read “Drowning Ruth” by Christina Schwarz. At 9:30 PM my darling grandson called me to tell me how much he missed me and to tell me he loved me. What a sweetheart! He sure made my day!

My husband’s call that evening was to tell me that I had a call from No Name’s office today. The secretary had called to tell me that I have an appointment with the endocrinologist in the city in the west for February 18th and that I should plan on staying for 4 days in order to have testing done. Words could not express my joy on hearing this. Finally an appointment with an endocrinologist of my choice! I have almost two weeks to hope and pray that this endocrinologist will be able to help me.

I arrived at the Sleep Clinic at 10:15 PM and was promptly hooked up to what seemed like hundreds of electrodes and wires. I had electrodes all over my head, my face, my legs and my chest. Each of the patients at the clinic got their own bedroom with comfortable beds. We also got our own bathrooms. I was actually quite impressed. I read for a while and managed to fall asleep. I was jolted awake several times during the night by what I can only describe as adrenaline rushes. Since I could not get out of bed and walk around when they happened, I distracted myself by reading.

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