February 15, 2002

Today was my appointment with the ophthalmologist.  My husband had business in the city so I did not have to drive in alone.  What a relief that was!  The way I have been feeling this week I would rather not get behind the wheel of a car and drive for an hour.

I had asked Squirt to make an appointment for me with an ophthalmologist.  I had some concerns about my vision.  I told Squirt that I wanted an appointment with a different opthamologist than I had seen the first time.  The first ophthalmologist I saw was on the ark with Noah.   The ophthalmologist I saw today was not on the ark with Noah but he certainly was around by the time the water receded!

I had all the standard tests done; at least I think I did.  This friendly old chap kept telling me that everything was just fine.  He told me that I needed to wear my glasses at all times.  I asked him about my peripheral vision which he checked today.  He told me that it was just fine.  I told him that I saw shadows and movements in my peripheral vision and that at times it was actually rather frightening.  I told him that I could be quietly sitting and watching TV when I would suddenly see out of the corner of my eye a shadow or movement, as if someone was coming into the room.  When I turned around there was nothing there.  He told me that this was a result of the fluid in my eyes moving up and down and sideways.  And of course, it had to do with my age!  I guess all 53 year old women see shadows and shapes that nearly scare them to death.   Maybe these “visions” are one of the more exciting things left for us to experience in our old age.

I mentioned that I had had Graves Disease and that I had had eye changes a year after RAI.  He did not think it was necessary to measure my eyes.  He assured me again that everything was just fine and not to worry.   At least it was not a long appointment lasting all of 25 minutes.

My husband and I had a lovely lunch in the city and then headed for home.  This fatigue is really becoming worrisome.  I feel like I have been through the wringer.

When I got home,  I decided to take the bull by the horns and call the clinic at the city hospital where I had all the breathing tests, EKG, PV lung scan and blood work done the week of January 14th, 2002.  I wanted to know what my test results were so that I could take copies along with me to the city in the west.  My call was answered by the secretary at the clinic.  I told her that I was calling to get the results of all my tests.  Of course they were not available.  I was told that she would have to get my file from Medical Records and give me a call back.  Heaven only knows when that will happen.

Tomorrow is a big day for my family.  My 7 year old grandson’s hockey tournament starts at noon and runs until Sunday afternoon.  This Nana plans on attending every one of his games even if she has to be carried in.  Now wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes!

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