April 11, 2002

My grandson had an accident at school today and since his parents were not home, I was called to come to the school. He had been standing on a teeter totter trying to dislodge it from the ice, when it suddenly gave way and hit him in his chest. The teacher was worried that he had broken some ribs so I took him over to the clinic. No Name happened to be available when we got there so he took a look at him.  Grandson was fine, just badly bruised.

When I got up to leave, No Name asked me if I had a few minutes. He told me that he felt I was sick and had a problem and he would like to investigate further. No Name told me he felt that I had an endocrine problem even though the doctor in the west had ruled out Cushing’s. He then went on to tell me that maybe it was time to do the tests that I had been asking for.

No Name asked me to bring him copies of my records from the sleep clinic and the copies of my medical records I had received from his old clinic. I agreed to do this with some hesitation. It still ticks me off that I had to pay $40.00 to get my medical records from No Name’s old clinic. It wasn’t my idea for him to move to the new clinic.

However I was pleasantly surprised that he suggested further testing. Maybe there is hope. We will see if he will follow through.

I forgot to mention the other day that my grandson celebrated his 8th birthday on April 5th. His parents rented a church gym and 8 boys arrived right after school to play floor hockey. Papa’s job was to pick up the 8 boys and grandson at their school and bring them over to the church gym. Dad’s job was to bring the equipment and food. Mom’s job was to get the lunch ready and make sure his gifts were wrapped. We were fortunate that the rental of the gym included the use of the kitchen facilities. Nana’s job was to take a video of the event. The boys had a great time. Seven and eight year olds sure have a lot of energy. I envy them! I bought the neatest party treats for the boys attending the party – an assortment of bugs, frogs, snakes and spiders. The kids loved them.

On April 6th I had the family over at my house for grandson’s family birthday party. The family included great grandma, great grandpa and my sisters and their families. The adults had a scrabble tournament. My grandson and the friend he brought with him, played with one of his birthday gifts, the Nintendo Game Cube. There are only two children in the family – my grandson and my sister’s grandson who is 9 months old. Makes it easier if Grandson brings a friend with him.

I guess what really bothers me is the extreme fatigue I feel for days after events like this. These two events were not hard work or stressful but it doesn’t seem to matter. My body literally crashes after and I wish someone could tell me why this happens. I am not 90 years old for crying out loud! I should have enough reserve energy to participate in two birthday parties.

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