April 18, 2002

Well, well, well, wonders never cease. I had a phone call this morning from Squirt’s office. His secretary informed me that my Echocardiogram had finally been booked. I nearly burst out laughing when she told me that it was booked for December 2, 2002. My reply to that bit of news was, “Good thing I don’t really have right side heart failure or I might just be “tits up in the ditch” long before I ever get to that Echocardiogram.”  Oh the wonder of our medical system.

Squirt’s secretary then went on to tell me that His Royal Highness wants to see me on May 2.  I asked her why in the world he wanted to see me. Her reply was that he wanted to discuss further testing and treatment.  Right, when pigs fly!  I decided to accept the appointment against my better judgment. I figure if No Name and Squirt do even just a few of the tests I want, maybe something will show up.  Between the two of them I should hopefully get some answers.  But of course, I shall not hold my breath.

I also got my follow up appointment with No Name confirmed today and it is for April 30th. I brought him copies of my medical records on April 11th. Hopefully he will have read them by April 30th and given some thought to the tests I have repeatedly requested. Again, only time will tell.

This fatigue is really wearing me down. It is hard to get motivated when one is constantly battling fatigue and pain. The pain is in my hip bones, Achilles tendons and ankles. I dread each and every morning because of the nausea, fatigue, dizziness and pain. As a result I have become very careful about any commitments I make.The one commitment I have made this month is to participate in the planning and organization of my grandson’s Ukrainian Dance recital. This is something I have been involved with for four years and do not want to give up. I have been taking him to Ukrainian dance practice every Monday evening for the last 4 years. These Monday evenings are special evenings for the two of us and I refuse to let my illness spoil that.

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