July 29, 2002

Don’t believe your friends when they ask you to be honest with them. All they really want is to be maintained in the good opinion they have of themselves.   Albert Camus

 Two weeks ago I received a phone call from Squirt’s secretary telling me that Squirt was back at his practice and wanted to see me on July 29th. My first response was, “Why would Squirt want to see me when he made it very clear on May 2nd that I did not need further tests and investigations.” The secretary told me that Squirt wanted to do a complete physical and discuss my May 2nd lab results. I informed the secretary that my gynecologist had done a complete physical in April, I had had a mammogram in May and according to the fax I received from Squirt’s office in May, my labs had been normal. She insisted on making the appointment so I figured why not.

It turned out to be an interesting appointment. Squirt informed me that he is leaving his medical practice to pursue another line of employment. Wonders never cease! I am not sure what motivated this career change but I told him it was a good idea. He will no longer be practicing family medicine.

Strangely enough, today Squirt actually showed some interest in my afflictions. Now that he is leaving his medical practice I guess he feels he can voice some concerns since he will not be around to see the outcome of the culmination of my symptoms. He mentioned his concern over my continued problems with water retention even though I am taking Lasix. He mentioned concern over the bruises on the tops of my feet that remain grossly discoloured. He mentioned concern over the drop in my blood pressure. Squirt ordered some blood work and fixed up the mess that had been made with my prescription during his 6 week disappearing act.

Squirt told me that he would copy my medical records and give them to me before he leaves his practice. He kept insisting that I had to find a new family doctor before the end of September. I told Squirt that I did not understand why he was so concerned about me finding a new family doctor; after all on the 2nd of May he had insisted that I required no further testing or investigations. He chose to ignore that remark and continued on with his spiel about getting a new doctor.

I have decided, for the time being, to continue seeing No Name   At least No Name is friendly and makes an effort to listen. So far he has done every test I have asked him to do. Even though he has no answers for me at this time, I feel that he is sincerely interested in finding the answers. Hopefully his interest and co-operation will continue until I have been diagnosed.

On Thursday I go to No Name’s clinic to get my third B12 shot. I keep hoping for miraculous results.

While at the clinic on Thursday, I will be fitted with a 24 hour holter monitor. My blood pressure has been dropping and this holter monitor exercise is very necessary. For the last week or so the following symptoms have become more intense and frequent; lack of endurance, feeling lightheaded, dizziness, nausea and falling asleep at the drop of a hat.  In fact, at times it is a real struggle to stay orientated on a subject or a conversation.

Summer is half over; a very sad state of affairs. However, I hope that all of you will have the best of times during the remainder of summer 2002.

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