July 31, 2002

My grandson has been calling me at 7:30 AM on Monday, Tuesday and today. He has been calling to remind me to pick him up at 8:00 AM, take him to McDonald’s to pick up breakfast and then continue on to the park where his day camp is being held. We arrive 45 minutes early so the two of us can sit and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. After our breakfast we have time to take a short walk down to the creek to watch the fish. He is attending a 2 1/2 hour morning day camp which consists of lacrosse, golf, soccer, volleyball and baseball. When the leaders and the other campers arrive at 9:00 AM, I head back home and sleep for an hour or so.

This morning instead of going home I headed back to the city to pick up my CPAP machine. During my stay at the sleep clinic in February, the sleep clinic doctor had made this appointment for me. Even though he was not optimistic about the CPAP machine improving my sleep, he felt it was worth a trial.

The instructions on how to use this machine are really quite simple. I was fitted with a nose mask through which regular air will be pumped. The air is under pressure. I will try the machine tonight. Any little improvement with my sleep would be a major miracle.

Upon my return from the city I crashed on my couch and slept on and off for three hours.  It is really very silly that a 60 minute drive in a new, air conditioned car is so stressful for me.


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