June 1, 2002

This past week we were blessed with lovely weather. Not quite warm enough to swim but certainly nice enough to spend most of the day in my flower beds. It has been a week since I had the B12 shot and started taking Zyban. I am not sure which of these two medications has given me extra energy but something sure has.

I woke up Monday morning with the usual horrible pains, nausea and dizziness. In spite of the pain I still had the energy to get busy and start weeding my flower beds. Last fall I did absolutely nothing to prepare the beds for spring. As a result the beds were home to every imaginable weed.  Last Saturday I had sprayed the flower beds with Round Up and would highly recommend this method of weed disposal.

By today I had weeded the big flower bed at the back of my yard and the flower beds at the back and front my house.  I also planted 52 bedding plants. Quite frankly I cannot believe it myself!

I have an appointment at a Microalbuminuria Clinic on June 13th. I will see No Name on the same day to get the results of the tests I had done on May 24th.

Hopefully this burst of energy lasts for a while. It feels just amazing to be able to get outside and actually do some gardening. Mind you, the evenings have been pretty rough this week. The flank pain and Achilles tendon pain have been hard to tolerate. My slogan this week is “Mind over Matter.”

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