June 8, 2002

If this weather keeps up we will have to build an ark. It started raining on June 1 and has not stopped. We have not had any flooding but many of the communities around us have experienced horrendous flooding. The amount of rain caused creeks, rivers and drainage ditches to overflow their banks. The water running off of the fields was an incredible sight. It literally came off the fields and flooded the roads. What a nightmare!

The energy I felt last week is gone and I find this quite upsetting. I had planned on doing so many things this week but I will have to start pacing myself again. One week of energy out of 52 is better than nothing. I am beginning to suspect that the Zyban does not agree with me. However I have decided to take it for another week before I give up on it.

I had another appointment with No Name on Friday, June 6th to see about my May 24th lab results. My Free T4 was 16.9 with the lab normal being 11-24. My TSH was 0.02 with the lab normal being 0.6-6.0. The result for the Free T3 was not in. My thyroglobulin antibodies came back as negative but my microsomal antibodies came back high. No Name told me he would find out what high microsomal antibodies might mean.

I decided to continue on my quest for answers and asked No Name to requisition more tests for me. The tests I asked for were for Cholesterol, DHEA, Estradiol, Fasting Blood Sugar, FSH, FSH/LH, LH, Progesterone and Testosterone. The results should be interesting to say the least. Heaven only knows what I will do with the results when I get them. Oh well, I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

My favourite song these past two weeks has been “Dancing with Myself” by Billy Idol. Feeling like crap and not knowing why makes me feel like I am dancing all by myself.

Again I apologize for my grammer and want to assure you that I am truly trying not to start every sentence with I.

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