June 27, 2002

We are experiencing wonderful weather today; in fact I would call it perfect lake weather. I actually managed to finish packing before my 11:00 AM appointment with No Name.  Hopefully we will be leaving by 4:00 PM which will get us to the lake by 6:00 PM. Thankfully all I have to pack are clothes, more towels and beach stuff.  Quite frankly I can  hardly wait to get away for a few days!

My appointment with No Name was short and to the point. I got the last of the June 6th blood test results.  My estradiol was <50, no value was given for my FSH, FSH/LH or my LH, my progesterone was <1.  A note attached to these results stated and I quote, “Estradiol, Progesterone, FSH and LH normal post menopausal values.”   Heaven help anyone who mentions again that all my symptoms are menopause related!  I finally have it in writing that my test results show that I am definitely post menopausal.  I think I will have to send these results to Squirt and the Blonde Bimbo.   On the other hand, I am sure that if I did send them these lab results they would just come up with another cockeyed excuse for my symptoms.

My DHEA-S result was .06 with the lab normal values being 0 – 5.4.  My testosterone came back low at 0.7 with the lab normal values being 0.76 – 2.8.

I did not receive an explanation for my high microsomol antibodies on June 4th.  I hope that No Name eventually finds the time to figure out why I have these particular antibodies and why they are high.

My next set of blood tests will include Aldosterone and Renin.   I will need to go off my diuretic for 8 days prior to these tests.  Since I do not want to spoil my time at the lake, I have decided to wait until I get back home.  When ever I have tried to discontinue the diuretics, I bloat up like a balloon which prompts the question, “Why do I have water retention in the first place?”  So far, no one has been able to give me an answer.

My darling grandson is loosing patience with me and my website.  He thinks it is time for another swim.  Have a great weekend!!!


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