June 24, 2002

It is Monday morning and I am absolutely exhausted. The burst of energy I had at the end of May/beginning of June is completely gone. Every morning is a struggle. The fatigue, dizziness, nausea and pain are beginning to grate on my nerves. It is summertime and I hate wasting precious time shuffling around like a worn out old woman.

I have been swimming every day for almost a month. This means that I spend at least 3 hours in my pool every single day unless I am interrupted by a thunderstorm. I am still waiting with bated breath for my muscles to regain some strength and for my body to give me more energy. I was under the impression that this is what exercise was supposed to do. I do however have an incredible tan! I have always tanned easily but it is weird now that two afternoons of swimming has turned my skin absolutely brown. My theory is that excess fat looks better tanned!

This morning I went for my second B12 shot. The shot itself did not hurt but this time I got a honking big bruise. Hopefully this shot will give me the energy I need to make it through until after the July long weekend.

This will be a busy week for me. My grandson’s school picnic is on Wednesday and my husband and I will join him and his parents for lunch on the school grounds. On Thursday afternoon we leave for the lake and will be there until July 1. Our grandson is coming with us and he can hardly wait!  I keep getting these phone calls asking, “Nana, how many more hours until we go to the lake?”

I need to get the house organized since my niece is going to be staying here to look after the cat and the pool. Sounds like it will be grand central station around here while we are gone.

I must get off my butt and try and get some stuff done today. My housekeeper is on four weeks vacation and my house is going to hell in a hand basket.

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