August 21, 2002

Today was my appointment with No Name; the appointment that I had been anxious about. Wonders will never cease. I broached the subject of Squirt and his demand for my test results. No Name assured me that Squirt would never again receive copies of my medical information unless I signed a document authorizing such a transfer. I was so relieved to hear this. According to No Name the secretary at the clinic made a mistake when she faxed my test results to Squirt without my consent.

No Name went on to say that he had read all the emails from the Hormone Doctor and was willing to do all the tests that the Hormone Doctor had recommended. I nearly fell off my chair! Sometimes you do get what you want.

No Name ordered the following tests namely, Cortisol AM and PM, Random Blood Sugar, Sodium, Potassium, Adrenal Antibodies, Insulin, ACTH and a Renin and Aldosterone.

No Name’s demeanor was quite different today; quite different than it had been at my last appointment. Today he again seemed interested in solving the riddle of my medical problems.

Since the tests that No Name ordered today seemed rather involved, I decided to go over to the hospital to have my blood work done. I was told by the lab tech at the hospital that I would have to fast for some of the blood work. Since I was having my bi-weekly potassium and sodium done on Friday, I made arrangements to have all the tests done at the same time.

It was a gorgeous day today so I spent the rest of the day soaking up the sun and swimming in the pool with my daughter and grandson.

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