August 23, 2002

Today was the day I was going to have my lab work done; the labs ordered on Wednesday by No Name and the bi-weekly sodium and potassium. When I got to the lab and presented my lab requisition, I was told by the technician that they could not possibly do the ACTH. It was too complicated. I asked her what was so complicated about it. All she had to do was chill the centrifuge, chill the tubes, take the blood, put it on ice and send it to the city. She insisted that this was all much too complicated, time consuming and difficult. She went on to say that I would have to drive into the city and have the ACTH test done at a city hospital. I realized that there was no point in arguing with her so I consented to have blood drawn for the Cortisol AM and PM, Random Blood Sugar, Sodium, Potassium, Adrenal Antibodies, and Insulin tests. The renin and aldosterone will have to wait until I have been off my diuretic for 8 days.

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