November 13, 2002

Yesterday afternoon I went to my long anticipated appointment with the Gypsy, a doctor of internal medicine.  The first time I saw the Gypsy was on April 14th, 2001. The last time I saw the Gypsy was on May 23rd, 2001.

My expectations around this appointment were extremely low.   My last appointment with the Gypsy could not be classified as a huge success.  Actually it was quite the opposite and at that time I did have high expectations.  In 2001 I was still naive enough to believe that eventually I would be diagnosed.  It is now November, 2002 and trust me; all my innocent and naive conceptions about the medical system working for me   Quite frankly, I think I must be one of their biggest jokes.  I can just see them muttering under their breath, “HeeHee, here comes Widebertha; let us see if we have managed to drive her crazy,” or perhaps singing, “another one bites the dust.”

After my last appointment with Gypsy she wrote that she and I quote, “I can’t come up with a unifying diagnosis.”  She then went on to insult my intelligence by stating that “Widebertha again focuses on her polydipsia (thirst) and I think that there is a possibility that this could be a psychogenic problem.”  Duh, do you think that I drink gallons of liquids because I love to drink and in turn, love to pee?”  Time for someone to get a grip and I don’t mean me.  Gypsy also stated, “I think it is worthwhile sending her to another endocrinologist.”  Gypsy referred me to Supercilious and the nightmare continued.

Today’s appointment was a nice surprise.  The Gypsy was friendly and listened although I am not sure how much of what I said was taken seriously.  I get to try another sleeping pill.  This one is suppose to perform miracles and guarantee you at least four hours of sleep in a one stretch.

Apparently the mass on each Achilles tendon is just cholesterol build up.  Who am I to argue otherwise?   I need to exercise but I know that and have been working out at the gym.  I cannot do more than that.

The angry boil like sore under my arm was noticed.  No solution was offered.  Gypsy did ask what happened to the skin around the infected area.  I told her that I had tried to protect the area with ordinary bandages.  When I removed the bandage a whole layer of skin came off with the bandage and left a bloody mess behind.  She did take note of this but again no solution was offered.  After some prodding in the general area of the boil she soon realized how painful it was.

Gypsy mentioned a stim test, however, the subject was changed before I got to ask her exactly what she meant by that.

The CA-125 test came back well within normal limits.  Thank goodness for that.  However, the Gastrin test came back high; high enough to warrant a CT scan of my chest and abdomen.  I will have to wait approximately four weeks for the CT scan.  The Gastrin test is a tumor marker.

My blood pressure was high though not as high as two weeks ago.  She did not have the results of the 24 hour blood pressure monitor.

I am to see her again in a month.  It will be interesting to see what her comments are when she submits her report to No Name.  I am seeing No Name on Friday afternoon.

Last night we celebrated my darling daughter’s 32nd birthday.

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