November 15, 2002

It is the end of another week and my pathetic saga continues.  Today I had another appointment with No Name.  He began by mentioning my high gastrin levels and was surprised that I already knew about them.  I reminded him that I had been to an appointment on Tuesday with Gypsy.  I also reminded him that he had referred me to Gypsy and that Gypsy had told me about the high levels.  Gypsy is in the same clinic as No Name.  While I waited he browsed through the report she had written on the computer.  Apparently Gypsy is claiming that my high gastrin levels could be due to stomach acid.  According to her report she is not very concerned at all.  In fact, Gypsy seems to have forgotten that along with the high gastrin levels I also have high ACTH levels.  But then, silly me, I actually expect a specialist to have read through my doctor’s report before I come to an appointment and remember test results that are high.  Gypsy told me that she would book a CT scan as soon as possible but I would probably have to wait four weeks.  No Name found no mention of this CT scan in her report.  Hopefully one of them remembers to actually book it.  Maybe it is time I book an MRI in the town just across the Canadian border.

No Name was concerned about my high blood pressure.  According to the results from the 24 hour blood pressure monitor, my blood pressure remains too high during the day and does not go down significantly at night.  Apparently this is a problem and he has prescribed medication for me; something called Diovan (valsartan capsules).  No Name assured me these pills had no side effects; and I have a bridge to sell you.

I felt immensely frustrated and disappointed after my appointment with No Name.  It seems when I finally take one step forward I have to take 6 steps back.  These geniuses who believe that they have the right to practice medicine cannot put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4.  When I have test results that are not the norm they consider them to be flukes.  I have come to the conclusion that these highly esteemed morons are not capable of looking at a series of tests and symptoms and coming up with a plausible answer.

As if I don’t have enough to complain about my ears have taken on a life of their own.  I have been bothered by tinnitus for some time now.   It seems the bugs have decided to throw a week long party; the noise seems so loud I think that people standing next to me must surely hear it too.

At noon today I went to have my usual Friday lunch with my parents.  They will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on November 22nd.

Remember if a man is the head of his house, the woman is the neck.  The neck always dictates where the head will turn.

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