December 19, 2002

This morning I had my final appointment with my doctor.. He was very co-operative and gave me several months of refills on my prescriptions. According to him, he and the rest of the staff at the clinic where just as surprised as the general public at the clinic closure announcement. He is looking at his options and will decide in the next few weeks what he will do and where he will go. 

More information about the clinic closure came to light today via the news media. In a written release to a local radio station, WeeWantsItAll, the principal owner of the clinic stated that he had several reasons for closing the clinic. These reasons included the change in licensing requirements for foreign physicians, the inability to recruit additional Canadian trained physicians and an inability to currently compete with the many rural communities that offer larger guaranteed salaries, signing bonuses and other perks. WeeWantsItAll announced that he will no longer be practicing medicine in this area. What this boils down to as far as I am concerned is money and licensing problems. 

WeeWantsItAll has his fingers in many pies; the clinic is not his only business venture. The problem with WeeWantsItAll is that his ventures are such that if they fail, they impact vulnerable people. Many sick and desperate people will be affected by this clinic closure.

Lest any of you feel sorry for WeeWantsItAll, let me assure you that he has taken very good care of himself. He will be “flying the coop” so to speak and his flight will involve him in a much grander scale of medicine. The move to the “big time” will no doubt provide him with the prestige and money that he has been craving so desperately for so long.


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