December 30, 2002

Christmas 2002 is now a thing of the past but what wonderful memories were made. I must say that having an 8 year old grandson definitely adds excitement to this holiday.

We were privileged to attend Grandson’s school concert on December 17th. Since there are over 400 children attending his school, the concert was held in one of the church auditoriums. The children, including my grandson, sang with great enthusiasm.

Christmas Eve was spent at the daughter’s house. We, together with friends of theirs enjoyed a wonderful dinner. My parents joined us for coffee and dessert later in the evening. Because of the snow fall last week, we are experiencing our usual white Christmas. It just doesn’t seem like Christmas until the ground is covered with snow.

The daughter, son in law and grandson arrived by 9:00 AM Christmas morning. Papa and Grandson were properly surprised and impressed with their metal detectors. Grandson loved his karaoke machine and computer games. My parents joined us for Christmas dinner.

We celebrated Christmas at my parents’ house on December 26th. My mother, who is 81, still insists on cooking Christmas dinner. The youngest grandchild is 16 but the three great grandsons provided the excitement and enthusiasm as only children can do.

I am so grateful that I made it through the holidays without collapsing. I looked like death warmed over but was able to keep going and that was all that mattered. The nausea, dizziness, pain and fatigue were continuous but I was able to ignore these symptoms. Must be something to the saying “Mind over matter.” My grandson plays a big role in my ability to keep on going. I want this little boy to have wonderful magical memories of Christmas.

This afternoon I went to the medical clinic that is closing tomorrow to pick up my medical records. I called the clinic this morning to make sure the records would be ready. The receptionist told me that I could not pick them up; that the release form I had signed stated that the records would be transferred to my new doctor. I will let you imagine what my reaction was!  I informed her that the release form stated no such thing.  I told her that I wanted to speak to WeeWantsItAll immediately so that I could inform him of my legal rights to my medical records. Needless to say I did not speak to WeeWantsItAll and I picked up a copy of my records at 1:00 PM.

On my way home today I stopped at the mall for a few minutes. As I was getting out of my car, I happened to notice the ambulance pull up and three girls get out. Two of the girls wore the regulation uniform. The third girl must have been a “ride a long” since she was wearing street clothes. They were headed for the doughnut shop; presumably on their break. As they walked by me I noticed something rather interesting. One of the girls was wearing the regulation uniform was about 5 feet 7 inches tall and about 140 pounds. The other girl wearing the regulation uniform was about 5 feet 4 inches tall and about 120 pounds. I stood there for a few minutes and wondered what in the world would happen if Widebertha collapsed in her house? How in the world would these two girls manage to remove her from the premises to take her to a hospital? Then I wondered what would happen if Widebertha collapsed on the second floor of her house? How in the world would these two girls carry Widebertha down the stairs? Maybe they would just roll poor Bertha down the stairs and try to catch her at the bottom? I sure hope these two women carry a crane in that ambulance in case they have to come and pick me up!

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