February 10, 2003

This morning the fatigue and exhaustion are overwhelming but the weekend was worth it. Papa and I are becoming hockey fanatics in our “old age.”

Grandson had a hockey tournament out of town this weekend. The five of us, including his mom and dad, drove down together on Saturday morning. During the drive, Grandson told his mom that he would score the first goal of the first game of the tournament for his mom. She told him that if he did, he should turn around and point his finger at her. Grandson informed his mom that pointing at her would be most embarrassing but that he would point to her from the bench.

His team happened to play the first game of the tournament and to our amazement Grandson scored the first two goals for his mom. The game had barely begun when he had a break away and scored the first one. Less than 3 minutes later grandson scored the second one. Each time he turned around on the ice and pointed at his mom; he didn’t wait until he got back to the bench. He went on to score three more times during the first game.

We spent all day Saturday and Sunday at the arena. The kids played very well and managed to win the Silver Medal. Grandson also won the Digger Award. I must say that the games this weekend were the most exciting hockey games I have ever seen.

Of course I crashed when I got home on Sunday evening but I expected that. As I mentioned earlier the weekend was well worth it. I refuse to let this ridiculous illness prevent me from enjoying my grandson and the activities he is involved in. If that means I have to hobble into an arena with my cane so be it. If that means I have to remain seated during an especially tense moment in a game so be it. I still have the ability to cheer. Thankfully my lips don’t experience the same level of fatigue as the rest of my body.

I woke up nauseous, dizzy and barely able to move this morning. The fatigue has burrowed into my bones and I can only shuffle. Banging into walls has become a daily morning routine, something I am getting quite accustomed to. The resulting bruises just add to my overall “pathetic” look. Even if I have to crawl on all fours for the rest of this week I will not let this illness prevent me from enjoying my darling Grandson.

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