February 14, 2003

Today is Valentine’s Day. My day turned out to be very memorable. It started off normally with me running around getting last minute stuff put away because my housekeeper always arrives by 8:30 AM on Fridays. Friday is also the day that I go to my parent’s house for lunch. Today my mom had quite a houseful which included my daughter, my son in law,and my grandson,

It was late afternoon when I got back home. I noticed some steaks thawing on the kitchen counter but did not pay much attention to them. I decided to lie down and read until my husband and grandson arrived home. My husband was taking our grandson to his hockey practice at 5:00 PM.

My husband and grandson arrived home just after 6:00 PM. Shortly after their arrival I was told to stay on the couch and to continue reading my book since dinner had been ordered in. I thought how lovely and continued reading. I did notice some weird shuffling around in the hall and kitchen but was too involved in my book to question it.

A short while later my grandson dressed in a sports jacket, shirt and tie with a towel over his arm entered the living room. He was carrying a silver tray. On the silver tray was a drink in a crystal goblet. A few minutes later Grandson returned but this time he was carrying a dozen red roses. At about this time I could no longer contain myself and said, “Oh my you are a sweetie pie.” Well, “the waiter” turned around and said, “Lady, you shouldn’t talk to waiters like that.”

I was served a salad, shrimp cocktail, stuffed baked potatoes and steak. For dessert I had a caramel apple pie with ice cream. Turns out dinner had not been ordered in. Papa did all the cooking and Grandson did all the serving. It was a wonderful surprise; one I will never forget.

My recovery from the skin infection I had is complete. Thank goodness I no longer look like Dumbo. I had to pick up a few things at the deli downtown while the ear and left side of my face were still swollen. I felt sorry for the poor clerk who asked me if she could help me. She took one look at my ear and let out this yell and then quickly recovered and apologized. I told her it was quite alright: I yelled every time I looked in the mirror.

We spent most of the weekend of February 8th and 9th at my grandson’s hockey tournament. Spending all day Saturday and all day Sunday entertaining 8 year old hockey players between games is quite an accomplishment.

My daughter, who is ill and often cannot attend her son’s hockey games, was able to attend the first game of the tournament. On the way to the tournament, Grandson announced that he would score the first goal of his first game in the tournament for his mother. His mom told him that when he scored he should turn around and point at her in the stands. He told her that would be embarrassing but that he would point at her from the bench. His team happened to play the first game of the tournament. To our amazement, this child scored the very first goal of the tournament and then promptly turned around and pointed to his mother. Two minutes later he scored the second goal in the tournament and again turned around and pointed at his mother. He went on to score 3 more times during that particular game. Amazing what sheer determination can do. The team went on to win the silver medal on Sunday.

What bothers me is that after a busy weekend like I just described I am a basket case for the rest of the week. I hate that. It seems as if I can only generate X amount of energy and once that is used up I need a week to generate enough to feel almost human again. If I was 94 I could understand this; but for crying out loud, this should not be happening at 54.

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