August 19, 2003

After an incredibly busy four months, my life is slowly returning to normal; meaning normal for me. I have neglected my website and diaries a’nd I apologize.

My parents decided to buy a condo last summer and we bought their house this past January. The condo was finally completed at the end of June, 2003 and their big move took place on July 7th. Our movers arrived on July 11th to move all the heavy items and furniture to the new house. Thankfully we did not have to be out of our old house until July 31st so had nearly three weeks to move all the boxes I had packed. I do know that if I ever move again it will be feet first out the front door!

During these last four months, there have been many times when I felt like I had reached the end of my rope and could not go on with the enormous job of packing and moving. My solution was to sit myself down and tell myself that there was no way out and that regardless of the pain and fatigue I had to go on. It is amazing what mind over matter can do.

At the beginning of May, I dug up all the perennials at the old place and transplanted them into appropriate flower pots. In the following weeks I took a few plants at a time to the new house and planted them in the existing flower beds. I know that I could not have completed this task without the encouragement and help from my dad who will be 84 in October.

After being transferred around the country for 28 years, it was nice to move back “home” in 1995. Since 1995 we lived about 7 minutes by car from my parent’s house anf my daughter’s house. This last move has decreased that distance. My parents can look out of their condo windows and see my front yard. I now live just a block down the street from them. If I stand on my back deck I can see my daughter’s back yard. They live just a block and a half from my house. My grandson skateboards over every morning to water my plants and then usually drops by for a swim in the afternoon and early evening.

This summer has gone by much too quickly and my nine year old grandson will be back in school after the September long weekend. My one regret is that the summer has been to busy to spend time at the lake with him. To compensate, I registered Grandson for skateboard camp and private golf lessons.

After putting my search for answers to my medical problems on hold for the last 6 months, I have decided that come September I will have to resume this useless exercise. I need to find a doctor who actually cares enough to take the time to find a solution to my problems. Where I will find such a creature is beyond my comprehension. I have been experiencing excruciating bone pain for the last few months. The more intense pain is in my ankles, hips, shoulders and ribs. The flank pain is so severe at times it literally takes my breath away. The fatigue and exhaustion are mind numbing. I saw No Name twice this summer against my better judgment. Pain can make you do things you swore you would never do again. Both times I told No Name that I was experiencing unbearable pain. His solution was to give me medication. Apparently my pain is not important enough to warrant an investigation.

Now that the move is over with, the unpacking is done and the house is organized, I will strive to keep this site updated on a regular basis. Until next time take care and keep well.

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