September 1,2003

It is the last day of the last long weekend of the summer. The painting was completed on Friday and the house is organized so I spent the weekend taking it easy. I did manage to hang a few more of my 298 pictures. ‘  (My grandson decided to count them.)

My daughter in law arrived on Wednesday, August 20th for a seven day visit. We had a lovely time. The only problem was that the seven days went by much too quickly. With her help I completed several projects around the house and yard. We also spent some time out and about sightseeing and shopping. Hopefully we will see both son and daughter in law at Christmas time.

My grandson and his parents headed into the city on Friday night to spend two nights at a hotel. We joined them on Sunday morning for brunch. Since it was my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding anniversary weekend, Grandson joined us for the day on Sunday. We had a great time at the zoo; the animals were exceptionally active.  I swallowed my pride and toured the zoo in a wheelchair.

In my previous diaries I have mentioned the Hustler, a doctor I saw on January 14, 2003.   A short time after the interview I received a letter from the Hustler which had been written on January 16, 2003

This past week my husband received a letter from the Hustler which I found rather amusing.

Portions of this letter read as follows:

Men may experience a drop on hormone levels that is gradual and not as obvious as women in Menopause. As a result many men and their wives accept the changes as due to aging.

The symptoms of Andropause are:

Lack of energy
Decreased interest in sex
Decrease in strength and endurance
Sexual dysfunction
Increased upper and central body fat
Mood changes
Poor concentration, memory loss, difficulty focusing
Poor sleep

Treatment is available for Andropause.

For a diagnosis you will need to have a history taken, be examined, and have blood testing done to determine your condition.”

How sad for our poor darling men. Imagine all the men between the ages of 45 and 65 who could be suffering from this terrible disease called Andropause. We women should really try to move mountains to help them. After all why should these poor dears suffer in silence? Suffering in silence is a female attribute. It would be most unfair to expect the men in our lives to do likewise.

I am seriously considering calling the Hustler’s office to see if I can make an appointment to be tested for Andropause. If I lower my voice just an octave I am sure I could pass myself off as a desperate male. What ever miracle drug is available for Andropause might just be the answer for my lack of energy, decrease in strength and endurance, increased upper and central body fat, poor concentration, memory loss and difficulty focusing and poor sleep. After all the Hormone Replacement Therapy for Menopause did nothing to help me. Maybe the Hormone Replacement Therapy for Andropause is the answer.

School starts on Wednesday and Grandson will be in Grade 4. Where does the time go? This past January was five years since my Graves Diagnosis. This June was three years since the first endo yelled at me in frustration and basically told me to go “fly a kite.” And life goes on!

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