November 18, 2003

 Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to benormal. – Albert Camus

Two days after my appointment with No Name, on Thursday November 6th, I woke up with a headache and unbearable neck pain. Since most mornings are miserable I figured I would put on my old neck brace and see if the pain subsided during the day. That did noTt happen. I had been dealing with an outer ear infection in both ears for about a week prior to this neck pain.

By Monday morning I was in absolute agony and realized that this was not a sore neck from sleeping the wrong way.  I saw No Name at 11:00 that morning.  His conclusion was that I had an infection in my head behind my right ear. No Name felt that the problem was a result of my outer ear infection. He prescribed antibiotics.

Since I had been plagued with a skin infection in February and again 30 days later in March and both had been the result of a problem with my ears, I wanted to know why this was happening to me. Of course an answer was not forth coming
Thank goodness the infection seems to have cleared up; the infected area in my head is no longer swollen or painful to touch. I still have some pain in my neck but hopefully that will stop soon. Apparently the infection caused the muscle pain. I do however; need to find out why I keep getting these bizarre outer ear infections. My friend Barb who also had this ear problem has suggested that it could be a result of Candidiasis. I am beginning to wonder if she is right. Along with the ear infections I get boil like eruptions under my arms and lower stomach. During the last two weeks I have had 10 of these eruptions and most of them are the size of quarters. They are extremely painful and annoying. Again I wonder if these are result of Candidiasis.

As I mentioned earlier, I finished decorating my yard last Friday afternoon. Thanks to my niece I only had a few little things left to do. Last Thursday I had a burst of energy and put up the Christmas tree in my living room with 800 lights. Hopefully I get another burst of energy this week so I can get the ornaments on it. I also put up the garland on the banisters in the house, the Christmas tree in the dining room and the two little Christmas trees in the family room. I must say it is starting to look a lot like Christmas.

Last Saturday evening we had company in to celebrate my daughter’s 33rd birthday. She baked her own cake this year and it was a master piece. That girl certainly does not take after her mother. Baking is not my forte. Sunday afternoon my husband, son in law, grandson and my dad watched the Grey Cup game at our house. My husband has a new toy; one of those projectors you hook up to a TV or computer. The wall becomes your “screen”. Watching a football game on an 8 X 8 foot “screen” is quite an experience. I must say it has been quite a treat watching movies this way.

My son is arriving on Saturday for a week long visit. I can hardly wait. Hopefully the weather will stay mild for his visit. I am not sure he could tolerate -30 C temperatures.

Even though we had our first snow fall on October 26th, the weather became so mild during the last week that the snow has melted. It has been a nice reprieve. The cold will be back soon enough. The problem with warmer temperatures is ice fog. Last Saturday afternoon my son in law and grandson had a hair raising one hour drive home from Grandson’s hockey game. The ice fog made the visibility so bad they could not see the on coming traffic until it passed them. The good thing was that Grandson’s team won the game that afternoon.

My goal this week is to find out all the information I can about Candidiasis. Apparently one of the treatments is diet. That and working on my grandson’s website should keep me busy.

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