November 21, 2003


Handcrafted by my daughter. Beautiful beaded black velvet evening bag.


After a week and a half on antibiotics (Ciprofloxacin) I thought that the infection I had in my ears and head would finally be gone for good. I finished the last antibiotic on Wednesday evening, November 19th but the pain was back with a vengeance this morning. I saw No Name this afternoon and he prescribed another round of the same antibiotic and the same ear drops.

During the appointment this afternoon I asked No Name what could be causing these recurring infections. He did not have time to discuss this with me today so I promised to make another appointment for next week. I told No Name that when I came back I expected to get some answers. If I really did get some answers I would probably pass out on the floor from the shock.

At this point the pain is constant but still controllable with pain medications. The most difficult time is at night when I try to put my head on the pillow. When I put the right side of my head on the pillow the pain becomes excruciating. If I put the left side of my head on the pillow the pain is somewhat less but the pressure is unbearable. The pain is localized, behind my right ear along the bony ridge. The only way to get any sleep at all is to sit upright in my chair. Oh well, I am very familiar with fatigue and I am sure it has never killed anyone. Just makes life a bit dreary at the moment.

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