December 22, 2003

My grandson slept over last night since his Christmas school break began today. I had an appointment with No Name this morning and Grandson came with me. This was supposed to be a longer appointment so we could discuss my continuing medical problems and the CT scan results from my latest CT scan. The discussion about the CT scan was one sentence long. It consisted of No Name telling me that he was not sure what it all meant but he thought it was nothing to worry about. My blood pressure has been rather high for the last few weeks with readings as hiigh as180/110,  No Name gave me a prescription for medication. He was not interested in discussing my other on-going health problems. The appointment took all of 6 minutes. 

After the doctor’s appointment, I took Grandson with me to finish up some last minute Christmas shopping. I was busy in the stores we went to and did not pay much attention to what Grandson was doing. After a morning of shopping the two of us went out for lunch. We sat down and before we got our menus, Grandson told me that the Christmas Elf could wait no longer. With that he pulled off his cap, unzipped his parka and pulled out a card. As he gave the card to me he told me that he had picked the card because of the picture on it but the most important reason he had picked the card was because of what it said inside. The inside of the card read, “To my wonderful Grandparents.” Grandson had signed the card, “To my Nana and Papa with love.” His is such a precious child; when I read the card he said, “Nana, my card must have been very special because you have tears in your eyes.” I told him it was the most special card in the world. Inside the envelope were two reindeer zipper pulls. Papa’s zipper pull read, “#1 Grandpa”. My zipper pull read, “The Boss”. When I read what it said on my zipper pull I burst out laughing. That child has a wonderful sense of humor! You should have seen the sparkle in his eyes when I saw my zipper pull and started to laugh. Grandson had bought the card and the zipper pulls that morning while I was busy shopping. He told me the clerk at the store had given him a pen so that he could sign the card and surprise me at lunch. I never noticed a thing. This grandson of mine is the perfect antidote to a disappointing doctor’s appointment. I am the luckiest Nana in the world.

This evening Grandson and I attended the Christmas party for his dance group.

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