December 17, 2003

Since the bone pain was excruciating when I got up today and it was No Name’s morning to be at the Walk In Clinic, I went over there to get a prescription refilled. I wish I  had a magic wand to take away the pain. I suppose we all have to deal with impossible dreams.

After receiving the prescription I asked No Name if he had received the results of my last CT Scan. After checking his computer he realized he had them and printed out a copy for me.

The report reads as follows:

CT scan of the Sinuses – Uninfused:

Small air fluids are seen in both maxillary antra. There is slight mucosal thickening and a retention cyst is seen in the medial aspect of the left maxillary antrum. Mucosal thickening is also seen in the ethmoid sinuses. There is also slight mucosal thickening in the frontal sinuses. Although the turbinates are quite prominent no destructive lesion or other abnormality can be seen.

CT scan of Temporal Bones and Mastoids Infused:

The mastoids appear well aerated. No destructive lesion is seen. There are no signs of mastoiditis. No posterior fosse abnormality can be seen.


No abnormality of the mastoids can be seen. Changes in the paranasal sinuses are indicted above. Prominence of the nasal turbinates is also seen.

I have an appointment on Monday, December 22nd to discuss the CT scan results as well as my high blood pressure and my other on-going health problems.
Yesterday evening we attended the Christmas concert put on by the students at our grandson’s school. The school rents a church for this performance so there is room to seat the parents and grandparents of the 400 students. The program was inspiring and the children ‘s performance  was fabulous

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