July 27, 2004

bathroomscaleIt is Tuesday, June 27th and I realized today that it has been a month since I updated these diaries.  It has been a difficult month and it is hard to write a diary entry when each day is filled with excruciating pain.  When I began this diary on October 28th, 2001, I had no idea that I would still be writing about my health problems in July, 2004.  But who said life would be fair?

Since my daughter has been working full time at our business and it is summer vacation from school, grandson arrives every weekday morning at 8:30 AM and spends the day with me.  He wanted to earn some money this summer so at the beginning of July I made up a chart listing his chores and the amount he would be paid for each chore.  Each week I tabulate his total, he gets his “pay” and we post a new chart on the fridge for the coming week.

The three day holiday I was planning to take with my grandson at the beginning of July was cancelled.  I just felt too miserable to go.  We compromised and my grandson invited a friend to come over to play each day that first week in July.  It certainly taxes the imagination of a Nana to come up with activities to entertain a ten year old during a two month summer vacation from school.

Grandson and his parents spent the second week of July at the lake.  I found the house too quiet during this time.  I realized yet again how much that boy enriches my life.  Last week he attended a skateboard camp from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Tuesday to Friday.

My right hip has decided that it was not causing me enough grief so it has gone on a rampage.  For the last few weeks I have had to use my cane because that hip can no longer support my weight even though I have lost weight in the last few months.  Even though I thought it was not possible, the bone pain in my feet, wrist and hips has increased in the last month.

Yesterday at 1:00 PM I realized I was getting another infection on my face.  These infections always start in my outer ear and spread very rapidly.  By 2:00 PM yesterday the redness covered a quarter of the left side of my face.  By 4:00 PM it had spread to half my face and the lumps under the skin were noticeable.  Thankfully I had a refill available for antibiotics.  Yesterday evening I was running a temperature of 102.  I am anxiously waiting for the antibiotics to take effect.  Sure would be nice if someone could tell me why I get these vicious infections.  This is the fourth one in a year.

Hopefully you all are having a fabulous summer.

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