August 3, 2004

Beware of the Drama Queen. She is always on the internet trolling for her next victim!

Friday morning the town had their annual parade. The hockey teams participated so this meant that my grandson was involved.  After dropping my grandson off at the meeting place, I picked a choice location, parked my chair and spent an enjoyable hour watching the parade go by.   Luckily the rain held off until the parade was finished.

The infection under the skin on my face is finally clearing up.  I was worried for a few days when my eye became very swollen.  Thank goodness the swelling has gone down.  It would be nice to know what causes these infections.  Maybe a miracle will occur when I see No Name next week and he will be able to tell me why this happens.  I am not holding my breath.

The drama queens went on another rampage this week and this time they chose me as their target.  I really wonder who these pathetic creatures are.    I guess bullies are not only found in playgrounds at school; they are found on the internet as well.

The stress of the situation I have just described has certainly played havoc with my health this past week.  Sadly, the drama queens have given no thought to the impact of their wicked actions; or maybe they have and that is the whole purpose of their despicable behavior.

Enough bitching on my part.  Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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