July 20, 2005

It has been two months since my last journal entry.  Where has the time gone?  We have had excessive amounts of moisture since I last updated my diaries.  Tornado warnings have accompanied a number of the rain storms.  Several weekends ago a tornado touched down just six miles from our house; a bit to close for comfort.   Hot temperatures finally arrived after the first of July and high humidity levels have at times been stifling.  This has been a disastrous year for the farmers; some in desperation tried to plant their crops with planes.  Because of the above normal rainfall many areas have flooded for the first time in years.
Image The seriousness of my mom’s heart condition was very evident during her last hospital stay.  We almost lost her twice; once when I was alone with her and once when two other family members  where with her.  Her wonderful sense of humor has remained intact.  Mom was finally discharged from hospital on May 25th with palliative care in place.  This group of professional caretakers has been a godsend for our family.  Someone comes in every morning to help her get dressed and in the evening to help her get ready for bed.  A registered nurse comes in three times a week to check her vitals signs, take care of any medical problems and order medications as needed.  The registered nurse has a direct line to the doctor which makes communication so much easier.  Someone comes in three times a week to help my mom with her shower and my dad has respite care for two hours every afternoon so that he can go out.   I spent every afternoon with my mom while she was in hospita.  Now that she is home my daily visits are so much easier.  I am so grateful that I have had the strength to be there for my mom.  I am also grateful that my mom is able to spend what time she has left at home.   This is a very difficult time but it is also a very precious time.  I will always treasure the memories.

ImageAs you can see from the pictures I have managed to plant a few flowers this spring.  The decision I made last year to “container garden” was a good one.   With my physical limitations it is all I can manage to do.   The picture inserted here shows the beautiful blooms on the crab apple trees we planted last summer.   My dad provided me with some old washtubs and an old metal bathtub.  My tomato plants are thriving in the old tub.  When I went to buy the tomato plants I thought I was buying four; when I got home I realized there were four plants in each of the four containers.   It looks like I will be getting quite a few tomatoes; hopefully they will all ripen before the first frost.
Today is my son’s 38th birthday.  Seattle, Washington is a bit far to go for cake and coffee.  At times like this we miss them more than ever.  Hopefully some day soon they will be living within driving distance of home.

I hope to be more diligent with my diary entries.  At times the daily struggles get to be too much and when that happens I tend to hibernate like a hermit.  It then becomes a struggle to think let alone write.

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