August 23, 2008

I am back home after spending last week at the lake.  It is not an actual lake but a resort with three large swimming pools, three kiddie pools, water slides, pond for fishing, pool tables, out door stage for concerts and the list goes on.  The weather was perfect. Grandson and his two friends had a great time. The rule was that they had to check in every two hours during the day and every hour in the evening.  The pool, water slides and bike trails kept them busy from morning till late at night.  They usually ended the evening with a bonfire at our trailer site and a snack and movie before bedtime.  To say I am exhausted is an under statement but it was worth every ache and pain.

The resort has a fast food stand in one of the pool areas and that is where we ate our lunches.  My husband would drive out to the resort after work and either bring supper or help prepare it.

The only time I felt spooked was during a nasty thunderstorm that roared through the resort one night.  At times it felt like the wind was going to blow the trailer into the pond next to it.  The hail and thunder made a horrendous racket.  Hard to believe that the boys slept right through the storm.

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