December 26,2008

Our son and daughter-in-law arrived at our house on December 24th.  They flew to New York from Seattle and spent 10 days sightseeing and shopping.  They love New York and hope to get back there real soon.

They had reserved  seats on the train running from New York to Montreal and had anticipated a scenic trip up to Canada.  What they had not anticipated was the blizzard that hit the eastern seaboard.  The trip to Montreal took twice as long as it normally does.  After spending a few days in Montreal they flew to Winnipeg to spend the holidays with us.

I received a unique, cute and cuddly Christmas present.  At 5:00 PM on Christmas day  our doorbell rang.  Wondering who on earth would ring our doorbell at that time  I opened the door.   What I saw was a couple with the cutest little Bichon Frise puppy.   The puppy was my Christmas present.  I named him Montegard but he was so little we ended up calling him Monty.  I took him in my arms and he immediately laid his head against my shoulder and looked up at me with those big gorgeous black eyes.

I read for a while this afternoon while Monty had a snooze beside me.  He is so adorable.  I make it a point of not going shopping on Boxing Day however my daughter in law persuaded me to go the pet store as soon as we had finished breakfast.  Needless to say Monty is going to be spoiled rotten.   We forgot for a minute that he is a boy dog and bought him a pink harness.  Monty doesn’t mind.   My husband decided to take Monty on his first walk since joining our family.  He took a gym bag with him in case Monty got tired or his little feet got cold.

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