March 15, 2009

Poor Monty had his surgery on Wednesday.   Because Monty had a condition called Cryptorchidism the surgery  was more involved than at first anticipated.  Poor little guy was so sad and upset when he came home.   Whenever I would talk to him, Monty would roll over on his back so that I could see the results of the surgery and he would make this pathetic whinny noise.

Once Monty recuperates fully from the surgery I will continue to take him to visit my dad,  My dad lives in his own apartment in a senior housing complex.  We put Monty in the gym bag to take him into the complex.  Funny little dog loves the gym bag and has no problems hanging out in it.   Upon entering the building, Monty gets to say hello to the residents who are visiting in the common area.  They love to see him and he loves to see them.

After saying hello to all the folks in the common area we take the elevator to the 2nd floor to my dad’s apartment.  As soon as my dad opens his door, Monty lets him know how happy he is to be there.

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