November 17, 2013

The older one gets the faster time goes by.   We had rain late last night and snow in the early morning hours.   This combination has made the roads rather treacherous.

At the end of June I received a letter from my family doctor informing me that he was quiting his medical practice to pursue other interests.  This information burdened me with additional stress I did not need.

I made a gross error at the last appointment with my now “gone bye bye” family doctor.  When asked if I would be willing to speak to a shrink to help me deal with some of the stressors in my life I stupidly agreed.  If only I had stuck to the promise I had made to myself never to trust a doctor with non medical information about myself.   No sooner had I agreed to see a shrink, my family doctor made an appointment for me with a “fake”.  My family doctor did give me an important piece of information about the “fake”.  The “fake” is not a qualified psychiatrist but a GP who is interested in the field of psychiatry and likes to play “the shrink”.   To add insult to injury I received a copy of a letter from the “fake” psychiatrist to my then family doctor  stating that he would not treat me as long as I was taking medication prescribed for me by my family doctor.

Be warned!  If your family doctor seeks non-medical information from you be careful what you share.  If your family doctor thinks that a visit to a  psychiatrist would benefit you make sure that you are being referred to a “real”  psychiatrist.

Nothing memorable happened during the months of July and August.  I spent the days in a never ending fight against overwhelming fatigue.  I spent the nights in a desperate struggle to try to get some sleep.  Several new symptoms cropped up this summer.  Peeling potatoes or carrots will bring about severe, painful cramps in my hands.   Wish I knew how to get rid of these cramps; they hurt every bit as much as cramps in my feet.

The first week in September I had my first appointment with my new family doctor.  Remembering some of the nasty experiences I have had during  searches  for a new family doctor I was stressed and anxious about this appointment.  (Since we were transferred 6 times I had to find a new family doctor in each of the 6 cities we lived in).   All my worry and stress were a waste of time.  My new family doctor is a lovely woman who takes time to listen

We celebrated Thanksgiving with a dinner at Maximes in Winnipeg.  Our daughter, grandson and grandson’s girlfriend joined us.  The dinner was lovely; a traditional roast turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and veggies.  Later we had dessert at our house.

We celebrated our daughter’s birthday on November 11th; the Remembrance Day holiday.  Her birthday is actually on November 12th.  This time we had lunch at the Olive Garden.  Joining us besides our daughter were our grandson and his girlfriend.   Hard to believe that my little girl is now a middle aged woman.  Were does the time go?IMG_0209


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