June 13, 2014

It has been a long time since my last blog entry.   My only excuse is that I have had no motivation to write.   The fatigue has gotten worse again; I take two to three hour afternoon naps so that my evenings are not a total bust.  Oh to sleep eight hours a night.  My two to three hours of sleep at night are just not long enough.

This past spring I discovered You Tube and have spent many an hour watching an interesting mix of vidoes.  Some of the videos are beyond belief, obviously the work of some deranged human beings.

I have however been following this beautiful little 4 year old girl on You Tube. Vienna is adopted and in her case I believe the adoption will be a positive in her life. She has siblings but they are much older than Vienna and also adopted. I use to believe that adoption was always a wonderful option however I have changed my mind in the last few years. Adoptions can become very complicated when biological children and adopted children are part of the same family. Many adopted children who share a family with biological children spend most of their life trying to please.  (I know of what I speak; I am adopted.)

Two weeks ago I had an unexpected visit to the medical clinic.  My arm decided to rebel and the diagnosis was a rotator cuff injury.  For those of you who have never experienced this kind of injury and the pain that comes with it pray that you never will.  Thankfully the wait to see a doctor was only about 15 minutes.  While I was trying to explain my problem to the doctor I noticed that she was paying more attention to my neck than to what I was telling her.   She finally explained why she was so interested in my neck.  Apparently one side is larger than the other.  She ordered blood work and booked a neck and chest CT Scan with dye for June 25th.  It would truly be a miracle if the scan results would explain why I experience such weird symptoms.

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