March 5, 2017

Another day of extreme fatigue.  Will I ever get enough sleep to beat this overwhelming fatigue?   Thankfully I am able to hibernate at home without any obligations except for the occasional doctor’s appointment.

This week I hope to finish copying my mini DV’s onto my computer.  It is really quite annoying how quickly electronic devices become obsolete.  So far I have managed to copy 31 mini cassettes.  This past summer and fall I began the huge task of scanning just over 6000 slides onto my computer.  It was a tedious project but so glad it is complete.

I need to decide what I want to do with all my genealogy information.  Many years ago I attempted to put together a comprehensive genealogy of the Helena Zacharias Giesbrecht family as well as the  Helena Ens Martens family.  I am debating whether to leave it where it is; packed away in the storage room downstairs or to put it out on the internet.  I had hoped to recover some of my expenses but that seems to be a pipe dream.  Oh many are interested; interested in a free genealogy.  In fact a number of years ago I had a cousin ask me why in the world I was working on the family genealogy when in fact I was adopted and it was not really my family.   Oh well life goes on.

Maybe I will be in a better mood in the next couple of days.  I hate myself when I feel like this.

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