October 31, 2017


Wishing all the Trick-or-treaters a happy and safe Halloween.  May your pillowcases, buckets, bags or carryalls be filled with all kinds of Halloween goodies.  The picture on the left was taken a number of years ago.  My husband, grandson and I would decorate the yard and dress up for Halloween.  The three of us have great memories of those times.  The grandson is now too old for trick or treating and Nana and Papa no longer have the energy to decorate the front yard.

We made a trip to Winnipeg yesterday morning and experienced one of those first days of winter when sections of the highway are covered in ice and other sections covered in a mixture of sleet and rain.  Not fun driving conditions.  Peter had a meeting to attend in Winnipeg and I took the opportunity to spend the morning with my daughter.  Thankfully by the time we left Winnipeg the highway was no longer a problem.

I received a phone call last week Friday informing me that my family doctor wanted to see me November 2nd to discuss the results of my latest round of blood tests.  Of course, this type of phone call always worries me; hopefully, the results will be close enough to normal so not to cause more health concerns.   Also received a notice last week that my six-month ultrasound is scheduled for December 13th.

A Reminder:  Weekly chats are scheduled on Monday evenings at 7:00 PM CDT.  If you are dealing with an Autoimmune Disease or Diseases please feel free to join our chat.  You will usually find participants in the chat room who are dealing with similar issues. The chat room URL is  Autoimmune Diseases Chat.

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