November 5, 2017

LuellatwoOn November 2nd I had a second appointment with my new family doctor.  For the last three years, I had been fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Newbie, a caring, thoughtful, and thorough woman.  She was compassionate and understood the needs of a nearly 70-year-old woman.  Sadly she decided to give up her practice and move on.  She assured me that before she left she would find me a new family doctor; one who would be willing to continue her treatment plan.

I made my first appointment with Dr. Creeper, the Sadist in October.  I was having terrible problems at night with Restless Leg Syndrome.  Instead of allowing me to talk about medical issues, Dr. Creeper, the Sadist informed me that this was a “Meet and Greet” which he explained was a “getting to know each other” appointment.   Even though I left without discussing my Restless Leg Syndrome I felt that the appointment had gone quite well.

You can imagine my shock and surprise when the November 2nd appointment “went to hell in a handbasket” in record time.  I told Dr.  Creeper the Sadist that I needed my usual 6 months of repeats on my pain medication.  His answer while sporting his sanctimonious smile was that he did not believe in pain medications; that there were other much better ways of controlling pain.  When I asked for an example he quickly changed the subject.   He proceeded to tell me that the old doctors at the clinic were making a terrible mistake in prescribing pain medications and that they would be held responsible and accountable one day soon.  He went on to tell me with his hand placed over his heart for added drama that if he continued to prescribe my regular regime of pain medications I would surely die.  My pain medication prescription has remained the same for many years and I can tell you that I am “not knockin on Heaven’s door” anytime soon.  I refused to argue with the idiot.  I did ask Dr. Creeper how I, a woman only 4 months shy of her 70th birthday was supposed to deal with chronic, debilitating pain?  He had no answer.

After Dr.  Creeper, the Sadist finally stopped his tirade about opioids he started in on my thyroid medications.  I take Synthroid 200 mcg. and Cytomel 25 mcg.  It has taken years to get the right balance.  My TSH is finally stable at .06.  For me, that is the right number.  According to Dr. Creeper, if he let me continue with the Cytomel he would have my death on his conscience.  He told me to quit the Cytomel immediately and go for another blood test in two weeks.  If I listen to this Dr. Creeper the Sadist I will probably die.  It is dangerous to just quit taking Cytomel.  It has to be done carefully under a doctor’s supervision.  When Dr. Creeper refuses to give me repeats for my pain medication I wonder how long I will be able to tolerate the at times horrendous pain without resorting to a nasty solution?

Dr. Creeper the Sadist also told me that when he was hired to come to the town I live in he was told that there was very little drug addiction going on here.  He told me that he had since discovered that the town was rife with affluent people abusing prescription drugs.  He again reiterated how the old doctors in the clinic would be held accountable for all the opioids they prescribed to the affluent people in town.  The way he said it, I got the distinct impression that he had a hate on for affluent people.

There is only one way to describe this idiot with his smarmy grin, he is a creeper.

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