November 22, 2017

It is getting closer to the end of November however the weather cannot make up its mind what to do.  This coming Friday the temperature is supposed to be plus 5 C.  When the temperature dips below freezing on Friday night the roads will be a nightmare.  Today’s weather forecast calls for a few flurries ending this afternoon then clearing.  Wind south 20 km/h becoming light this afternoon. High minus 7.  With these type of weather changes no wonder my body feels like it has been to hell in a handbasket.

My parents would be celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary today. They were married on November 22nd, 1942. They met on a blind date in July 1942 and were married six months later. My dad was a Conscientious Objector and ten days after their wedding they were sent to Miniki, Ontario to a lumber camp. Upon arrival at the camp, they had to make their living quarters livable. Mom said when they woke up in the mornings that winter their pillows were usually frozen to the wall. My mom passed away December 2nd, 2006. Ten days before, after drifting in and out of consciousness for days she woke early on November 22nd and called her daughters, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to her bedside. She spent quality time with each of us. That morning she informed my dad that he had to change out of the shirt he was wearing and put on good clothes because it was their 64th wedding anniversary and they would have a party all day long. And we did. It was a day that left us with the most wonderful and precious memories. Sadly the next morning, November 23rd mom drifted back into unconsciousness and remained that way until she passed. But November 22nd, 2006 will always be remembered as an incredibly special day when God gave us one more day with our precious mom.

My husband, believing that he was helping me find a new family doctor, made the mistake of calling Doctor Find Manitoba.  My last two family doctors have quit their medical practices.  When No Name quit I felt lucky because I found a new family doctor in a relatively short time.  To my chagrin, this doctor after a few years also quit practicing.  So just to clear things up I am not doctor shopping with all its negative connotations.  I am desperate to find a new family doctor who can take care of my medical issues without putting me through hell.

I received a call from Numskull at Doctor Find this morning around 11:15 AM.  She identified herself as a registered nurse from Doctor Find who had trained residents during her career as an RN.  In her case, I wonder if the RN title really refers to Registered Nurse or if it refers to Registered Numskull?  She led me to believe she was “da boss”.  Here in point form are many of the statements she made to me regarding my foolish desire to find an appropriate family doctor.  Of course, I was immediately looked at as a problem old lady since I did not volunteer to bow to and worship the one doctor I had seen since I became doctorless.

Living in rural community and being almost 70 years old Numskull informed me that she would not find me a doctor in Winnipeg.  When I mentioned that we would eventually probably move to Winnipeg she told me to call her back when that had been accomplished and she would find me a doctor in Winnipeg.  At the end of our telephone conversation, she again made it very clear that she would not find me a family doctor in Winnipeg at this time.  She again reiterated that at my age of almost 70 it was not in my best interest to have to drive all the way to Winnipeg when I needed medical attention.  She went on to say that I could expect all kinds of illness to crop up and of course I was a scared old lady so I needed to stay within my rural community.

Not agreeing with a new family doctor about his choice of treatments regarding thyroid medication and pain medication was no reason to find a new family doctor.  I would have to adjust to the new way of doing things and eventually learn to get along with Dr. Sadist.  No family doctor in Manitoba would give me a prescription for pain medication and if I wanted to remain on my thyroid medication and not do what Dr. Sadist recommended I would have to see an endocrinologist.

What concerned me at the start of our conversation or I should say mostly one-sided conversion since it was her side that did all the talking, was that she seemed to know way too much about my medical history.  I never gave anyone at Doctor Find the permission to delve into my medical records.

When I mentioned to her that the first time I made an appointment with Dr. Sadist in fall it was because at that time I had been suffering from restless leg syndrome for over two weeks.   Dr. Sadist informed me that we would not discuss the restless leg issue because this was my first appointment with him so this would be a meet and greet appointment   Numskull informed me that this was the way the new family doctors did things.  The first appointment always had to be a meet and greet.  Dr. Sadist still has not addressed my restless leg problem.

I mentioned that Dr. Sadist had railed against the doctors in the town where he had worked before coming to my town.  He claimed they were horrible because they prescribed so many opioids and benzodiazepines that the town had a real problem.  I told her that Dr. Sadist had told me that he had been told that he would not have that problem in the town I am living in.  To his dismay, he now knew that all the affluent people in my town were addicted to pain medications.  He told me this was the fault of the old doctors at the clinic who would have to change or get into trouble.  Numskull’s response to this was that the young family doctors were much better trained than the old ones.

Numskull informed me that the pain clinic would not recommend or prescribe opioids anymore.  I told her I had been at the pain clinic and they were okay with the medications I was taking.

I told her that Dr. Sadist insisted on messing with my thyroid meds.  He had insisted that I stop taking one of the medications immediately.  I told her that I was not prepared to do that since it had taken my former family doctors years to get my TSH number stable.   She told me that I would have to ask Dr. Sadist if I could see an endocrinologist about my TSH.  In a very condescending way, Numskull then asked me if I was aware of my thyroid numbers (She meant TSH).  I said, of course, I was, that I was very informed when it came to thyroid issues.  I told her I had written many articles about thyroid issues.  (As a side, I had a website and a message board for many years.  My message board had a membership of over 900 people.   Most of my 900 plus members had medical issues after ingesting Radio Active Iodine, cheap way of treating Graves Disease.)

Numskull kept telling me that she could understand that I was scared and upset.  At my age, it would be frightening to have to change my medications.  What does all this have to do with my age?  She has no right to made such judgments about me.  Of course when I asked her what I as an almost 70-year-old woman was to do; just suffer until I finally died 10 to 15 years from now she refused to acknowledge my question.   She, of course, refused to acknowledge any of my questions she did not feel like answering.  Her pat comment was, “Oh I know you are a very scared old lady”.

She asked me if I knew why doctors could no longer prescribe opioids? I said it was because young people were killing themselves with opioid abuse.  However, I was nearly 70 years old with a record of non-abuse and it was not fair that I was being punished for the abuse perpetrated by others.

Numskull then went on to give me examples of medical procedures that had changed in the last few years, things like pap smears were no longer done as frequently and that mammograms were not the best way of checking for breast cancer.  She started to give me some long-winded explanation.  I interrupted her and told her that I knew why.  Some of the technicians I had dealt with had told me why.  The government was trying to save money.  Numskull took offense at this and informed me that a woman did not need a pap smear if she had never had more than one sexual partner.  She told me that cervical cancer was caused only by HPV or the human papillomavirus, a sexually transmitted disease.  She also stated that mammograms were virtually useless.  She told me that young women’s breasts were too dense to see anything worthwhile and the older women were no longer at a great risk.

This old almost 70-year-old woman is going to lie down and stop thinking for the rest of the day.  Sometimes it is best we just clear our minds and forget about the nasty business of life.

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1 Response to November 22, 2017

  1. Cynthia Fedak says:

    It is SO different these days from when we grew up and doctors came to our homes if we were very sick. I know what you are talking about with doctors, I have gone through that too. Some new doctors arrived in our town recently, and I got a gem regarding a smart, young, lady doctor who is really on the ball with everything. However, that said after one visit, I cannot get to see her again until February at least! She is booked solid, has 1200 patients! I really need to see her again about health issues and she had told me my TSH levels are low and gave me a stronger dose of synthyroid. I will go for my blood test again soon, but with not being able to see my doctor for months, not good!


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