December 13, 2017

cropped-24237604_225x225Finally, I am able to share some great news with you, my readers.  I have found a new family doctor; Dr. Miraculum (Latin for a miracle).  I saw Dr. Miraculum for the first time on December 8th.   He showed me that he has the ability to listen carefully and the ability to care.  What a wonderful combination!  What a huge weight off of my shoulders.

Since I was diagnosed with Autoimmune Cirrhosis of the Liver I have had blood work and an ultrasound done every six months.  I had an ultrasound done yesterday and now am waiting for the results.   It is a worry until the result is in.  I always wonder if this will be the six months check up that has a nasty result.

My Christmas shopping is almost done.  Spent Tuesday afternoon at the mall and was able to find all but three items on my list.  Our Christmas will be very low key again this year.  Grandson will be spending Christmas Eve with us and then the three of us will drive into Winnipeg to spend Christmas Day with our daughter and her partner.  Our daughter does the most amazing Christmas dinner.  The only problem is knowing when tobathroomscale quit eating.

My project for today is to finish decorating my Christmas tree.   Decorating the rest of the house will depend on my energy levels.  I remembered to order 10 dozen meat Piroshki from this wonderful older lady.  They are absolutely delicious and my grandson loves to find several dozen in the freezer with his name on the bags.

This will be the end of my epistle for today.  Much too do and not enough time.

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