February 5, 2018

3116583_400x400_bg-whiteThis blog has been neglected for a while and the reason is that I was so devastated when I realized I had been had by my new so-called family doctor, Dr. Miraculum.  He was absolutely not a miracle but a horrible hindrance in my search for medical care.  He “was” my husband’s family doctor and when my husband asked if he would consider taking me on as a patient he immediately said “yes”.   I naively thought that the December 8th appointment had gone well and that he understood my issues and medications.  Dr. Miraculum will from now on be referred to as Dr. Looser.

My second appointment with Dr.Looser was on occurred on January 19th.  My purpose for making this appointment was to get a refill on my Elival prescription.  My suspicious nature immediately clicked into overdrive when he insisted on changing the dosage of this medication.  He changed it by cutting the dosage in half without properly explaining why.  I then broached the topic of changing my pain medication prescription over to him, he showed his true colours.  He made exaggerated claims about the dangers of the pain medication I was taking.   Dr. Looser finally agreed to give me a week’s worth of pain meds which he insisted must last me for three weeks.   He told me to wait in the front reception area and he would write out the prescription.  It seemed to take forever so my husband checked to see what was taking so long.  At this point, Dr. Looser’s nurse asked me to join her in a back consultation room.  She had in her hand several papers and the prescription.  She said that I would have to sign the papers she handed over if I wanted to get the prescription.  The papers I was given were a joke and the only purpose they served was that if I was a stupid enough to sign them I could eventually be called a criminal.  Needless to say, I had the wherewithal to say no to signing the forms and no to the prescription.

During the first appointment, I noticed that Dr. Looser had trouble looking at me; not my husband just me.  During the second appointment, it became even more obvious that this man had a problem looking at women; at least I hope it is women and not just me.  He took my blood pressure but refused to let me roll up the sleeve of my sweater or take my arm out of the sleeve so he could get a proper reading.

It seems a shame that I, a senior citizen, pushing 70 is made to feel like a criminal and painted with the same brush as a person who buys street drugs.  Around about 1998 I was put on pain medication by my family doctor at the time.  He has since moved on to bigger and better things; being a family doctor did not suit his long-term plans.  He sent me to the pain clinic where my prescribed medication was reviewed and deemed very suitable for my medical conditions.  Now suddenly the notion that pain medications make life tolerable for people with chronic pain has been replaced by the notion that pain medications have no place in society.  Trust me when I say that all the pain medications I have taken have never taken care of all the pain.  The medications make the pain tolerable and make it possible for me to get out of bed in the morning.’

My husband had an appointment with our provincial minister of health.  He told my husband that it had never been his or the government’s intention to deprive 70-year-old upstanding citizens of their medication for chronic pain.  However, our zealous doctors cannot comprehend the difference between a 70-year-old with chronic pain or an addicted street urchin who will sell their soul for Fentanyl.

On a more pleasant note, my daughter is in the processing of organizing the tea described below.


3rd Annual Society For the Ethical Treatment Of Kraken Tea And Bazaar

  • Saturday, June 9 at 12 PM – 5 PM
  • Crescent Fort Rouge United Church
  • 525 Wardlaw Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3L 0L9
  • Public – Hosted by Natasha Klassen and 6 others
3rd Annual Ladies Tea and Bazaar organized by the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Kraken.  New this year is the Grinder’s Underground Market (a new and larger area for vendors with a secret speakeasy kind of theme) a High Tea, Radio Play and new additions to the outdoor event area as well!
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