May 5, 2018


Seems I have trouble getting motivated to keep my blog current.  I have good intentions and actually plan on blogging at least once a week but for some reason, my good intentions keep going down the drain.  Again I promise to try to do better.

Patches and Gaby are adjusting really well.  Patches has been friendly and affectionate right from the get-go but Gaby has taken her time to show affection.  Last week she finally wagged her little tail.  They love their walks.  They have only been with us for a few weeks but I can not imagine a life without them.

Cousins Morley and Ann drove up from Minneapolis on April 22nd and we were able to meet them for supper and spend a lovely evening together.  We always look forward to their visits.

Healthwise this April was another “pain in the butt”.  The barometric pressure certainly did a number on my poor “ole” bones.  Just a few weeks ago we were still experiencing temperatures at night as low as -17C.  Another problem that decided to plague me yet again was Restless Leg Syndrome.  My legs jerked and spasmed for 24 hours. Mind you all that moving around contributed to me losing 10 lbs.  Restless Leg Syndrome affects my body from my hips down to my toes.  My dear friend Jan from New Jersey tells me that when she has problems with Restless Leg Syndrome it can take over her whole body.  I cannot imagine what a nightmare that must be.  A few days after the nightmare of my spasming legs my blood pressure decided to crash.  I felt really weak, dizzy and extremely tired for two days before I finally checked my blood pressure.  Imagine my surprise when it was 80/53.  Checked it again a few hours later and it was 80/60.  The following day it got up to 113/60.   A few days after the blood pressure incidents I woke up with a raging bladder infection.  By 7:00 AM I had consumed three-quarters of a gallon jug of Cranberry Cocktail.   Mind you it did help the burning sensation but that was about all.  Finally at 1:30 PM I took my sorry butt to the nearest walk-in clinic where I was told I had a rampant infection.  Thank goodness for antibiotics.  Enough about my trials and tribulations.  May will hopefully be a more enjoyable month.

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