April 13, 2018

ourtwopuppiesFriday the 13th has turned out to be a lucky day.  We have been talking about getting another dog for quite some time.  What has held us back is our age.  My husband is worried about what would happen if we were no longer able to care for the dog.  He does have a point.  This morning I noticed that Animal Rescue in our city needed a foster home for the two dogs pictured above.  Thankfully we qualify for the role of foster parents and should be getting these two ragamuffins in a few days.  I can hardly wait.  This house has been missing a dog for quite some time.

This week has been a bit better pain wise.  If only the weather would stabilize and give me and others who suffer constant chronic pain a break.  The barometric pressure can cause havoc with my body.  However, over the years I have developed strategies for coping with the pain.  When the pain gets really bad I try to sleep as much as possible.  When not sleeping I will crash on the couch and try to keep my mind off the discomfort by reading.  Reading has saved what little sanity I have left.  I have learned not to make plans to far in advance.  The degree of chronic pain and discomfort varies from day to day.  Some days I take my meds as soon as I wake up and I am able to function almost like a normal person.  Other days I take my meds as soon as I wake up but relief eludes me.    Whoever decides how much pain to hand out decided a year ago that I needed more torment by allowing my body to grow bone spurs on my right knee.  The pain can be excruciating.   Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with bone spurs on my left knee.  When I feel myself getting very angry and annoyed at my health situation I remind myself that there are many others who suffer much more than I do.

My daughter finished the Fascinator she was making for a bride to wear at her upcoming wedding.  She also made a miniature Fascinator for the bride’s daughter.  My daughter is such a talented and creative person and I am so proud of her.  She tries and most often is successful in the keeping the monster called Bipolar Disorder at bay.


Bride’s Fascinator


Daughter’s Fascinator

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2 Responses to April 13, 2018

  1. Jan says:

    That is so awesome about being foster parents for the dogs.
    We love having Dexter here but like you with our health taking him out becomes a problem.
    Sounds like you have good stragies for coping with the pain.
    Natasha did a great job on the head piece.
    Hope you are having a good day.
    I am available Monday night for chat but please send me a reminder if it is good for you.


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