July 22, 2018

The last few weeks have been rather busy for us.  July began with a visit from our son and daughter-in=-law who live in Boston.  The time they spent with us went by much too quickly.  I should be used to airports and saying goodbye since this was a common occurrence in our lives for the last 46 years.  However, it never gets easier.

My latest doctor’s appointment was on July 9th.  Apparently, the blood test results showed that my Sed rate and ANA levels were higher than normal.  I will be seeing a specialist in the near future.  At my next doctor’s appointment, I will have to ask him why whenever I exert myself even just a little like cleaning out the dishwasher I sweat to the point where it is running off my head and down my face.  When this begins I often feel dizzy and exhausted.  Another annoying symptom is incredibly itchy skin which at times produces a rash.  Any ideas or suggestions from my readers would be much appreciated.

On July 14th we drove into Winnipeg so I could meet up with a dear friend from Edmonton.  Jan was very involved with my message board, website, and chat.  Peter relaxed in our hotel room with the dogs while Jan and I spent Saturday evening having supper and catching up.  Sunday the three of us met for breakfast.  After breakfast, we headed to the Forks and spent the afternoon browsing in the shops.  It was so good to see Jan again.

This weekend we drove to Portage la Prairie to attend the wedding of Peter’s good friend Stan.  Stan’s sister Sandy came out for the wedding from her home in Prince Edward Island.  It was so good to see Sandy again after 50 some years.  Sandy and I were friends and classmates in Elementary school and High School.  After she married and moved away we continued to stay in touch through letters and eventually Facebook.

This absolutely crushing fatigue that I have been experiencing for the last few months is affecting my life in a negative way.  It seems to get harder and harder to find joy in my everyday life.  If I give in to the fatigue I would sleep on and off for 24 hours a day.  Most mornings it is incredibly difficult to work up the energy to get out of bed.  I am finding that things I would normally look forward too I am wishing away.  Of course, trying to hide the fatigue from family and friends only increases the hopeless feeling that this nightmare will never end.

Enough complaining for tonight.  Until next time…….


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1 Response to July 22, 2018

  1. Janice Judge says:

    So glad you had some good times. You and Peter deserve them.
    One day I hope we meet.
    With your sed rate and ana up it could be a number of autoimmune diseases that would make you that tired. I hope you find answers.


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