March 3, 2019

singingberthaThe audio is a snippet of a song (words and music) written by my son and grandson during a visit to Seattle in 2004.

Another weekend is coming to a close and the Arctic Vortex refuses to leave this part of the country.  Apparently, we have had the coldest February since 1967.  The weather forecasters keep telling us that warmer weather is on the way, but I suggest that no one hold their breath waiting for it to arrive.

The tremendous shifts in the barometric pressure have made this month rather memorable.  I thought that in such cold weather the barometric pressure would remain constant.  But oh no, I was wrong.  Apparently, a move to Arizona would solve the barometric pressure problem.

In the last four weeks I have managed to accomplish things on my “to do list.”   Being a hoarder of sorts, I kept all the cards that we have received as a family since 1967.   Finally took the time to sort through them.  Several years ago I purchased archival photo albums.  However, many of my photos remained in a box.   Finally got them sorted and put into photo albums.  When my day is tolerable and my energy level is such that I can actually think about finishing up projects, I tend to overdo it.   However, I do get a feeling of accomplishment.

Chronic pain is physically and emotionally stressful.  Trying to cope with chronic pain can lead to anger, frustrations, and despair.  Here are some recommended ways to help with chronic pain:

  • Learn deep breathing or meditation to help – I have tried this and when the pain is really bad I cannot concentrate enough to breath deeply or meditate.
  • Reduce Stress – again, something I have struggled with.
  • Exercise – this is something that I cannot do.  I have been referred to physical therapy, but the wait for an appointment is six months.
  • Cut back on alcohol and smoking – I did not drink alcohol and have not smoked for 10 years.

I would certainly recommend trying the above methods if you suffer from chronic pain but do not expect miracles.

Well, it is bedtime and tomorrow is another day.  When I am fighting pain I find it hard to write an interesting blog.  Do not give up on me.  I will try to improve my writing skills.

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2 Responses to March 3, 2019

  1. Janice Judge says:

    Never will give up on you.
    We are enjoying our grandson Nolan.
    Very hard being there every day to help Jenny out and take care of mom. My brother has been a big help. She turns 90 on Wed.
    Sorry to keep it short but I am happy but exhausted


    • widebertha says:


      Glad you will not give up on me. I am planning to put a chat on my blog in the next week or so and if everyone is still interested will get them going again. Grandsons are the best but you have to remember to take care of yourself. Get enough rest and take a break once in a while. Wish your mom a Very Happy 90th birthday from me.


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