March 17, 2019

Finally, it looks like spring might be on its way.  The temperature today is -1C.  Of course, these old bones of mine let me know well in advance of a weather change.  To think that a while ago I did not believe that aching bones could be brought on by barometric pressure and temperature changes.  Trust me I have learned the hard way.

Years ago I began a family research project which I had intended to publish in book form.  However, life has a way of getting in the way of good intentions.  Truth be told another reason for not finishing the book was that no one was interested.  I have decided to get back to writing and finishing this project.  What the end result will be is still an unknown.  It does make me feel like I am finally accomplishing something besides moaning and groaning about my pain.  I was very fortunate to have my grandpa around for the first few years that I worked on this project. I so enjoyed the time I spent with him listening to him and recording his stories.

My doctor’s appointment earlier this month was a positive one.  I got another six months of medications.  The big moment was when he told me that I will probably qualify for a breast reduction and tummy tuck.  I have been having terrible problems controlling a constant yeast infection on certain portions of my body.  I have been losing weight for a while; in fact, so far it is 70 lbs.  This, of course, leaves one with places for the yeast to grow.  After talking to my doctor and explaining the weight loss and subsequent issues he agreed that I would be a good candidate for the above-mentioned surgery.  What a motivation to keep losing the weight.  Heck, the tummy tuck and breast reduction should take care of quite a few more pounds.  I know that at the age of almost 71 I will never again have the body I once had but at least the fat will be reduced.  

Arthritis seems to have spread to my fingers which is most annoying.  I find that the more I type the more they hurt but by the same token the more I type the less they eventually hurt.  Go figure.  

If the temperatures continue in this warming trend enough snow will soon melt so I can get back to riding my tricycle.  I still feel weird riding it but I really have no choice.  My balance problems do not allow me to ride a regular bike which I miss terribly.  When I was a kid, between the ages of 8-12 I would spend my Saturdays riding around the countryside on my bike.  I would pack a banana and peanut butter sandwich, grab a drink and get on my bike and ride.  To beat the boredom of just riding my bike I would go to different farmyards and either ask for directions or ask for a drink of water.  My motive was to get inside the house to see how other people lived.  Pathetically nosey I know.  I would ride around for hours.  My parents would have had a fit if they had known what I was up to.  My dad had told me if I hoed one short row of beets he would buy me a new CCM bike. I got the new bike but after the one row, he never wanted me on a beet field again.  I destroyed more beets than weeds.  

Hope you all have a great week. 

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