February 21,2021

Don’t give up – remember Moses was once a basket case, too

This has been an incredibly rough couple of weeks. My blood pressure has decided to go as high as 149/90 to as low as 60/40. When it is low I feel like death warmed over. The fatigue I have been experiencing since the late fall of 2020 is much harder to deal with when my blood pressure too low. Enough complaining.

I have finally decided on what to give our grandson for his 27th birthday coming up on April 5th. My dad left me about 12 Norman Rockwell prints. My grandson decided that he would love to have the sports prints framed and hanging on his wall. Our birthday gift will be four of the sports prints framed and ready to hang.

Manitoba seems to be rather slow in providing COVID19 vaccinations for their citizens. Hopefully, our federal government will eventually get their act together and provide us with a safe vaccine. Sadly it seems that playing politics is more important than taking care of the citizens of Canada.

It is back to bed for me. Thank goodness for Amazon.ca books and the Manitoba online library. I have been reading an average of 5 books a week. Please take good care of yourselves, stay safe and enjoy the following.

I love this picture of my mom and my sister. It was taken at the Mennonite Heritage Village Museum in Steinbach, Manitoba. My mom volunteered many hours at the museum which included being a member of the Ladies Auxillary, spinning in the house/barn during the summer months, and teaching the children that participated in school tours during the winter months. She told stories of her life in Russia as a small girl and taught the children how to make schnetki. (Not sure of the spelling). The school tours were geared to Grade Two and Grade Six students.
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