May 21, 2021

Good morning.  I have been up since 3:45 AM and no matter what I do, sleep evades me.  Thankfully I do not have any pressing obligations or appointments today so can have an afternoon nap.


Before I continue further I would like to wish all my readers who are moms a Belated Happy Mother’s Day.  Due to restrictions imposed just prior to Mother’s day, families here in Manitoba were not allowed to get together to celebrate their moms.  We can only hope that by the time Mother’s day 2022 rolls around the virus will have lost its hold on us.

Today is the start of our May long weekend.  The forecast call for clouds with a 30% chance of showers this morning.  Showers will continue throughout the afternoon.  Numerous wildfires scattered across southern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario are burning and causing poor air quality and reducing visibility. Smoke is expected or occurring.  Showers are to end this evening with a risk of more thunderstorms beginning overnight.  Thankfully it has been raining off and on since Thursday.  We badly need any moisture we can get.  In the past couple of months it seems as though the rain has bypassed us as often as not.  My mom used to sing a song that came out of the depression that included the words, “the rain she’s gone around.  I managed to find a copy of the lyrics.


This past Sunday we had a short but lovely visit with our grandson and his partner.  It is a good thing that we did spend some time with them since Manitoba Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson announced on Thursday that more restrictions will be added to take effect May 22.  According to Stefanson and I quote, “”These additional measures are necessary right now, as Manitoba has seen some of its highest case counts ever in recent days.”  Doctors are seeing more and more people in ICU, especially younger people.  The good news this week is that second-dose appointment bookings will begin today.

The following additional public health order restrictions will be in effect on Saturday, May 22 at
12:01 am:

  • outdoor gatherings with anyone from outside a household are no longer allowed and this applies to all recreation spaces including playgrounds, golf courses, parks and sports fields; and
  • only one person per household will be allowed to enter a business, with some exceptions, such as a single parent with children, or someone who requires a caregiver.

This past Monday I received a letter from my plastic surgeon asking me if I was still interested in the breast reduction surgery and Panniculectomy.  I informed him that I was still extremely interested and hoped that I would not have to wait too much longer.  I should have had the surgery in the spring of 2020 but COVID19 put a hold on all non-essential surgeries.  

Health wise not much has changed.  What has become somewhat worrisome if the small sores that are appearing on my arms and legs; sores that are not healing as they should.  Yesterday I faxed my family doctor pictures and hopefully he will be able to tell me what is causing these sores and how I can get rid of them.  

It is time to put these weary bones back into bed.  Enjoy the coming long weekend and KEEP SAFE!

The following is for my mom who celebrated her 15th Mother’s Day in Heaven:

Mother's Day in Heaven

Mother’s Day in Heaven

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