July 20, 2021

scan0015aaToday our son is celebrating his 54th birthday.  The 54 years have passed by too quickly.  We had to be content with a telephone call.  It has been three years since we have seen him and our daughter-in-law in person.  We had hoped to meet up with them last summer when they were on their way to Seattle from Boston but COVID restrictions put an end to that plan.  We are so pleased that they have been able to move back to Seattle, back to their absolutely beautiful property.  Hopefully one of these days the border restrictions will be lifted and we will be able to get together in person. 118875860_10157865561236314_6057887485322273449_n

Thankfully I have had no lingering symptoms after my nasty reaction to the second Moderna vaccination.  I am glad I had both shots even though I experienced a vicious reaction to the second shot.  It is sad that so many people are refusing the vaccine.  Some change their minds when it is too late for the vaccine to protect them.  My husband and I will continue to wear our masks in public in the foreseeable future.  My motto is “better safe than sorry.”

My mind is on vacation today and I am experiencing writers block.  Hopefully this too shall pass in the very near future.  In closing I wish you all a goodnight.  Keep safe.

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