August 28, 2021

LuellatwoGood Evening.  This summer has passed by so quickly and sadly I have not accomplished all the items on my to do list.  Somehow life seems to get in the way.  Hopefully with fall just around the corner I will feel more motivated to accomplish some of the items on my list.  Fall happens to be my favourite season.  

Because of my recurring complaint about the overwhelming fatigue I experience on a daily basis my family doctor sent me to see my cardiologist.  My latest diagnosis is Atrial ectopic tachycardia (AET).  AET is a rare arrhythmia is believed to be secondary to increased automaticity of a nonsinus atrial focus or foci.  Patients with atrial tachycardia may feel a pounding in their chest, dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue. I have had all the above symptoms except for chest pain.  Like most arrhythmias, atrial tachycardia is not life threatening.  My cardiologist suggested I purchase a wireless 6-lead Kardia Mobile EKGkardia that works with a Smartphone and detects AFib or normal heart rhythem in 30 seconds. It is an amazing little gadget and I am able to send the results to my cardiologist via email.  I also purchased an Omron Blood Pressureomron Monitor which has many key features such as Bluetooth connectivity, easy wrap cuff, TruRead averaging and an irregular heartbeat detector.  This device also allows me to email the results to my cardiologist as needed.  

Earlier this week I had a telephone appointment with my new endocrinologist.  She had ordered 32 different blood tests and thankfully most of them came back normal.  She did however raise my Synthroid dose from one175 mcg pill to two pills; one 100 mcg and one 88 mcg.  It will take at least six weeks for the medication to take full effect.  Hopefully the higher dose will help with my fatigue and other hypothyroid symptoms.   

I have been adding mor information to my Zacharias Family Tree website at  Everytime my research comes up with new information I am glad that I decided to publish my project online instead of in book form. I finally got my Facebook Group called “World War 2 Conscientious Objectors” published online. It has over 130 pictures of the men who worked at the Riding Mountain National Park CO Camp and the Minaki, Ontario Lumber CO Camp. Another project that is now online is my Facebook Group called “Memories of the Veseli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble”. My grandson danced with this group from the age of 4 to the age of 12.

Hope you all have a great weekend and I promise not to wait so long for my next post.

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