June 27, 2022

singingberthaAs I sit here contemplating what I want to write about tonight I am watching the ever-darkening clouds pass over my house coming from the southeast.  We have had so much rain in the last few months that I keep telling my husband that we should definitely be thinking about building an ark.  

I wonder how many of my readers suffer from Restless Leg?  If so does this occur nightly, weekly, monthly, or a few times a year?  So far I have been fortunate and it only invades my world at night and once or twice every two or three months. Have any of you that suffer from this diabolical aliment found a quick way to get relief?  I have found that if I take four puffs from a marijuana cigarette the creeping and crawling up and down my legs is almost instantly gone.

Before I continue I will take advantage of my blog and put in a plug for my Zacharias Family Tree and Genealogy site.


Zachariasfeld, South Russia

The website includes not only the names of over 3000 descendants of Wilhelm Zacharias born around 1700 but also includes family stories, translated letters, and personal descriptions of the horrors our ancestors survived. The two man-made famines and the trauma of collectivization were only two atrocities the former Soviet Union perpetrated on its people.

Sadly history is repeating itself today. Again the Russian government is trying to force its regime on the Ukrainian people My grandpa, Wilhelm B. Giesbrecht when offered a return trip to his former homeland refused. He was adamant that the Russian government would never change and that it was ultimately dangerous to return to Ukraine. He stated many times that the Russians would one day attempt a take over of Ukraine. My grandpa was right.

If any of you have relatives that lived in the former Soviet Union between the years 1919 and 1979 whether descendants of Wilhelm Zacharias or not, you will find this website an informative and interesting read.

Back now to my sad and pathetic story.  Thankfully my blood pressure problems are slowly resolving at least I hope they are.  It has been two weeks since my last 214/115 blood pressure reading.  Now the highest numbers hover around 189/110.  Slowly moving out of the stroke zone.  My endocrinologist had good news for me today during our phone appointment.  Apparently, my thyroid numbers are perfect.  I cannot remember the last time my numbers were perfect.  I am on Synthroid 100 mcg and 88 mcg once a day. 

The subject I am about to mention is one that I have given a lot of thought to.  It is a problem that I think affects many families. My experience with split custody is on a very limited basis.  However, what I did observe was enough to make one weep.  I could only watch from the sidelines but my hands were tied when it came to making suggestions that could have improved the situation.  When I was raising my children I tried to teach them manners and behavior that would make them welcome in the homes of our friends.  I taught them that lying and deception were wrong.  I taught them to respect the people around them.  In the last few years, I have observed children that lie constantly, use deception to get what they want, throw temper tantrums, refuse to learn or attend school regularly and the list goes on.  These children have become pros at playing one parent against the other.  One can only imagine how these children treat a step-parent.  I have seen these children encouraged to scoff at, lie to and even manhandle a stepparent. What parent could possibly believe that allowing children to behave in this way is in the best interest of the child?  Sadly the situation is made even worse when one parent uses this misbehavior, in fact, encourages it, to make life hell for the other parent and step-parent.  Not only do these children live in dysfunctional homes but it seems that often one parent does not seem to care what these children will be like as adults.  Who will take care of the mess they will present at the age of 18?  Children are precious and should be cared for properly.  They should be taught how to become decent human beings who care about others and know the difference between right and wrong.  If parents do not teach their children who will?     

IMG_2440AAJust wanted to show off the Petunias we planted this spring.  We were lucky to get two identical plants to put on either side of the garage door.  They took a bit of a beating with the high winds we have had lately but seem to recover well.

Keep well and see you next time.

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