January 29, 2002

Wonder what this week will bring?  I think the last few weeks have brought quite enough for a while.  I called Squirt’s office this afternoon to see if his royal highness had written and faxed the referral letter to the new endocrinologist in the city west of us.  Squirt’s secretary told me that she had reminded him about the letter on Monday but he had told her he needed to think about it some more.  I cannot believe I was stupid enough to think that he might actually come through for me just this once!   He has known about this referral since Wednesday of last week!  I faxed him and asked him to write a simple referral without prejudicing this new endocrinologist.  How long does it take to write a simple letter of referral?

I decided at noon that I would wait no longer.  I called No Name at the town clinic and asked his receptionist if I could see No Name some time today. Luck was finally with me and I got an appointment at 5:45 PM.  No Name was his usual friendly self.   When I told him that I had the opportunity to see this endocrinologist in a city west of us and that I needed a referral letter from my doctor, he said that he would be happy to write it.  And write it he did.  He actually used a letter he already had on his computer.  We went over that letter; I pointed out a few errors; he corrected them; and the letter was faxed.  You cannot imagine how relieved I was.  You all know what Squirt can do with his letter of referral if and when he ever writes it!

No Name told me that he was disappointed that the endocrinologists and doctor of internal medicine that I had seen here in my province were not capable of putting my symptoms together and coming up with a diagnosis. I mentioned to No Name that I had had a potassium crisis at the beginning of January.  I also told him that I was now on Lasix without a potassium supplement.  No Name wrote out a requisition for me to have my potassium levels checked every two weeks.  Thank goodness someone else besides me is worried about this.

Now I will be patient or at least try to be patient until I hear back from the endocrinologist in the west.  Hopefully it will be soon!  I have to start preparing for my trip to the Sleep Clinic in the city in the east.  Heaven help me if I have even the slightest bit of sleep apnea.  If Squirt hears just a whisper of the words sleep apnea he will probably do the dance of joy around his office.  (Remember he told me at my last visit that he was confident that I would be diagnosed with sleep apnea and ALL my problems would be solved.)  Mind you, with that broom stick shoved you know where, I am not sure that Squirt would be capable of doing a dance of any kind.

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